Once Upon a Time...

Rio Vista Olives was born in 1996 by the hard-working Augusto & Helen Lorenzetti. Hand planting all their olive trees in the sunny town of Mypolonga, South Australia, the grove was grown from a place of passion and love.

In 2016, Augusto and Helen were ready to pass on the passion. No easy decision, but then came along another family ready to receive the torch. The sharing of food has always been important to the Bettio family. After purchasing an established grove in the picturesque town of Mount Torrens, Adelaide Hills, the time was right to expand their venture. This was realised after meeting with Augusto and Helen and understanding the passion and quality that had been poured into the groves at Mypolonga. The olives are lovingly grown, harvested, cold-pressed and packaged on site.

From backgrounds in construction, Lui and Tracie, with children Leon and Imogen, Jared and Jacqueline and Sarah, have embraced all things olives—from trips to Italy, Spain and the USA, to undertaking new qualifications. Jared boasts a Master Millers ticket, while Sarah is a qualified Olive Oil Sommelier. Picture an olive oil tasting, with Sarah taking your palate on a journey of olive oil flavours.

Embracing the industry, Rio Vista is all about promoting the community food feeling, highlighting how quality, simple ingredients make a difference. With kids, chickens, cows and sheep constantly running through the orchards, the groves are kept biodynamic where possible.

Why you will love Rio Vista Olives...

It’s the healthiest oil, with the highest anti-oxidant levels, no saturated fats or nasties. Not only does it taste good, but it’s good for you. The olives are taken off the tree at the right time, harvested at an ideal time for the particular variety and plant. There is no mass production line, instead treating olive harvest as an art form—the oxygen, temperature, crushing time and extraction elements combine to make it an artisan product.

Nothin’ But Olives—simple, to the point. A bottle filled with ‘nothin’ but’ SA grown and harvested olives. The rebranding and simplifying of everyday oil has helped cut through, receiving a good response from those conscious with how they are fuelling their body.

Their Premium Reserve Series is a carefully created trio of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that each has its own unique flavour profile, made from the tastiest olives of the season. Augusto, Gigi and Il Misto, each with their own distinct personality and style. All bottles are limited release and restricted to 1000 bottles per year.

Ultra Premium offerings are in the form of mono-cultivar and single grove location Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Much like we are familiar with different grape varieties in the wine world, olives have the same distinctness. These three single variety oils are something to embrace and enjoy.

Agrumato oils add to their range, with fresh ingredients added to the olives, cold-pressed in unison to create a flavoured product. Think olives crushed with chilli, garlic, lemon, turmeric or basil—providing a great addition when utilising oil when baking.

Add to all this that they are the most awarded Australian Olive Oil company for 2020/21, you have a brand that is celebrated and enjoyed for their quality and authenticity. Why not start your Rio Vista Olives Journey today.